5 Signs of a Failed Cooling System

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Soon after you fire up your car or truck the engine reaches extremely hot temperatures. If it were not for the cooling system the engine would actually melt itself from within. This can still happen if your cooling system fails. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to any signs of cooling system or radiator trouble. There are a few telltale symptoms of problems that will likely occur should something be amiss. If you run into any of these issues get in touch with your mechanic as soon as possible and schedule cooling system repair.

Rising temperature gauge

Your dashboard is equipped with numerous instruments to inform you about the performance of your vehicle. One of those is the engine temperature gauge. If you ever see this gauge rising higher than normal be sure to pull over right away to avoid any overheating related engine damage.

Smoking hood

Another major sign of cooling system problems is if white steam is pouring out from under the hood. If this occurs be sure to pull over as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. At this point your vehicle's engine is very hot and needs a break ASAP.

Low coolant levels

On occasion be sure to check the coolant level of your vehicle when the engine is cold. If it is found to be low you will want to top it off. However, there may be a leak, either internally or externally. If it is an internal coolant leak you'll notice the next issue as well.

White exhaust smoke

White puffy clouds of exhaust are a pretty solid indicator that coolant is being burnt up in the motor. Be sure to take your vehicle to an professional auto repair mechanic who can identify the location of the leak and give you the best options for cooling system repair.

Visible antifreeze leak

The most obvious sign that there is trouble with the cooling system would be a visible coolant leak. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is usually a bright green color that smells very sweet. Should you find this dripping from your car make sure to clean the spill very thoroughly, as this liquid is very attractive to animals, yet very poisonous.

When your cooling system begins to show signs of trouble do not hesitate to have it looked at. For expert cooling system or radiator repair in Jacksonville visit the ASE Certified technicians at Express Oil Change and Service Center. We offer complete auto repair for most makes and models. Give us a call at (904) 474-3945 to schedule expert auto repair in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

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Written By Brian Corey

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