Is it Time for Engine Repair? 4 Signs that Say Yes!

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Your vehicle's motor is a very intricate mechanism that requires routine maintenance in order to remain in prime operating condition. If you neglect your car or truck of this much need service or as you watch the miles climb high on the odometer you'll likely soon find yourself in need of engine repair, and more than likely it will be rather extensive. To reduce your chances of expensive service be sure to get to an auto repair shop as soon as you experience any of these signs of engine exhaustion.

Colored Exhaust

Another sign of vehicle engine problems comes in the form of excessive colored exhaust smoke. The color of the smoke can often indicate what exactly the problem is. Blue smoke means that there is an oil leak that is allowing oil to be burnt up. White smoke is a sign of a cooling system problem that puts your car at risk of overheating. Black smoke is a sure sign that your car is burning too much gasoline, which can lead to numerous problems inside the motor.

Knocking Noises

If your hear a knocking noise coming from under the hood that rises and falls with vehicle RPMs it is likely that your the engine bearings are wearing out. It is important to get to a repair shop soon in order to prevent massive engine failure as these bearings are what the moving parts of the motor rest on.

Metal Flakes in the Oil

When you have the oil changed be sure to ask the technician to take a look at the oil that comes out of your vehicle in order to inspect it for metal flakes. If any are present this is a clear sign that there is unwanted metal on metal friction occurring within the engine. This will result in massive wear and tear that will require parts to be replaced inside the motor, should the wear too much.

Check Engine Light Turns On

The check engine light can represent many, many different problems, and not all of them actually have to do with engine trouble. It is important to get to a repair shop as soon as the light comes on in order to prevent the problem from growing.

There are other symptoms to pay attention to, such as decreased performance and reduced fuel economy. In order to get engine repair in Jacksonville that you can trust you ought to bring your car or truck to Express Oil Change & Service Center. We offer complete, bumper to bumper auto repair for most makes and models. Our technicians are ASE certified to ensure your car is fixed right the first time. To schedule professional auto repair in Jacksonville reach out to our team at (904) 474-3945 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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