What is Leaking from My Car?

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What is Leaking from My Car?Did you know that your car uses many different fluids to operate its various systems? It's true, your car does not run just off of gasoline. There are several specialized fluids that are used to provide a more safe and easier driving experience. If you ever come across something dripping from your vehicle it is integral to get to the auto repair shop right away in order to prevent further damage from occurring. The following are the most common types of leaks that may occur in a modern vehicle.

Brake Fluid

If you come across a clearish brown liquid dripping from either behind the tires or near the firewall (the wall between the engine and the passenger compartment) it may be a brake fluid leak. This could be accompanied by a soft brake pedal or delayed response from the brakes.

Transmission Fluid

Have you found a reddish fluid leaking from the underside of your vehicle? This is likely transmission fluid, which plays a crucial role in shifting gears. Get to a shop ASAP!

Differential Fluid

Differential fluid looks very similar to transmission fluid so the best way to tell the difference is identifying where the leak is coming from. If it is near the back of the car it is more likely a differential leak.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid leaks will result in a shaky and whiny steering wheel. If you spot a liquid under your car and it is accompanied by difficulty steering, it may be time for a new power steering pump.


Coolant is what flows through the engine to help prevent overheating. It is a bright green, sweet smelling liquid, in most cases.

Engine Oil

Perhaps the most common leak a car will suffer from is an oil leak. The oil will generally leak from the engine oil pan, but could come from other places. Get to a shop to have the leak evaluated. Some will need immediate repairs and others need to be monitored.

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