Easy Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency this Spring

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Before you hit the road for your big road trip this summer it is important that you take some time to assess your vehicle to ensure that it is ready for the long distance travel. Since you will be spending so much time on the highway you will likely want to get the best fuel efficiency possible. The following tips are designed to help you increase your mile per gallon, no matter what you drive!

Auto Maintenance Tips

First and foremost it is important that you always keep up with all your car's scheduled maintenance needs. However, the following will certainly help you spend less time at the gas station.

  • Inflate your tires to proper PSI - Under-inflated tires mean the rubber is soft. This makes it so the engine has to work harder to get the tire to spin.
  • Change your oil - An oil change helps restore engine performance by removing gunk and ensuring proper lubrication amongst its moving parts.
  • Replace the air filter - A clogged air filter may prevent the proper air/fuel mixture from being created. To prevent your car from running rich ensure a smooth path for incoming air.
  • Complete a full tune up - A tune up generally consists of several small services designed to help improve your car's performance. It may include battery services, a new fuel filter, fuel injection service or replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Driving Tips

There are a few things you can do on the road to ensure you get maximum MPGs.

  • Drive the speed limit - For one, the speed limit is the law, but by not driving faster than necessary you'll save gas. Most cars attain their best fuel efficiency between 55-60 mph.
  • Reduce weight in your car - You likely have a lot to pack for an extended trip, but be sure to take out any extra weight. You can lose 1-2% or more of your fuel economy for every extra 100 pounds in the car.
  • Don't idle - If you're getting out of the car to check something out be sure to shut it off. It's not true that it takes more gas to start a car than it does to keep it running, unless you drive something carbureted.

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Express Oil Jacksonville Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ