Does My Car Need a New Starter Motor?

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Does My Car Need a New Starter Motor?The starter motor is what gets the engine's pistons moving up and down in order to get the engine started. Problems with the starter can look like other problems, but most of the time it may be similar to trouble with a dead or dying battery. If you put the key in and the car won't start, try turning on your lights. If they come on and are not dim, it is more likely a starter problem than a battery problem. The following are some of the most common signs of a dead or dying starter. If you encounter any of them don't hesitate to get to an auto repair shop for further diagnostics and repair.

Clicking Sound

Perhaps the most common sign of a failing starter is a clicking sound that occurs when you turn the key. This is the sound of the starter motor actuating but not spinning. It may be a repetitive clicking or a single loud click.


If you can hear a faint buzzing noise when you turn the key it may be that there is an electrical issue with the pathway between the ignition and the starter. The buzzing sound may mean that there isn't enough electrical power getting to the starter to allow it to do its job.


A grinding noise that happens when you try to start the car can represent a few issues with the starter. The first may be that the mounting bolts are loose and there is not proper alignment of the pinion gear and flywheel. It may also be due to wear on the starter and this noise is its way of asking you to replace it!

Slow starting

If the engine is slow to crank over when you go to start the car there is a good chance that you will need to replace the starter. There are other issues that can cause this so it is important to visit an auto repair shop for further diagnostics.

A dead starter will leave you stranded! If you need starter repair in Jacksonville head to Oil Express. We offer complete auto repair for all makes and models of import and domestic cars and trucks. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for expert auto repair in Jacksonville give us a call at the location nearest you!

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