4 Signs You Need Suspension Repair

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Do you enjoy a smooth ride? How about cornering without feeling like your car is going to roll over? Well you can thank your suspension system for both of these things. The suspension plays a huge role in the comfort of our ride but it also an imperative part of the safety of our vehicles. If you run into any of these signs of failing suspension be sure to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible to ensure a safer and more comfortable drive.

Odd Cornering

The anti-sway bar keep your vehicle from rolling over during cornering by shifting the vehicleís center of gravity. If it starts to feel like your car leans heavily during cornering you should have the suspension inspected.


While this is a less common cause of bad braking, the suspension does play a role in effective braking by keeping all four wheels on the ground at all times. If you have trouble braking on bumpy roads or while going around corners it may be related to bad shocks or springs. Make sure you take note as to when the hard braking occurs and let your mechanic know so they can properly diagnose the issue.

One Corner is Low

If it appears that one corner of your vehicle is low but all the tires are inflated you can assume that there is a problem with the suspension in that particular corner. It may mean that the struts have worn out and collapsed on themselves. This can cause your vehicle to drift, thus increasing tire wear.

Bumpy Ride

One of the easiest ways to tell that it is time for new shocks is if your carís ride quality becomes very stiff or excessively bumpy. Worn shocks and struts wonít be able to control the up and down movement of the vehicle as it heads down the road as well as new suspension can.

Donít delay in getting suspension issues diagnosed and repaired as good suspension is necessary for a safe and comfortable ride. For professional suspension repair in Jacksonville bring your car to Express Oil Change & Service Center. Our expert mechanics can replace shocks, struts, leaf springs, shock absorbers and all other pieces of suspension. We can also perform many other auto repair services, including engine repair, check engine light diagnostics, scheduled maintenance and more. When you need auto repair in Jacksonville make an appointment with Express Oil Change today at (904) 474-3945.

Express Oil Jacksonville Blog

Written By Brian Corey

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