Is it Time for Auto Maintenance?

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Is it Time for Auto Maintenance?It seems so strange to have to pay to have work done on a car that runs perfectly fine, doesn't it? Well the thing is, without routine auto maintenance your car would soon fall into despair and require extensive repair services. By performing preventative maintenance you can keep your car running in peak condition and greatly reduce your chances of suffering some sort of break down. So what services does routine auto maintenance cover? The following are a few of the most common.

30/60/90K Service

Part of your car's factory scheduled services include what is generally referred to as 30/60/90K maintenance. These are services completed approximately every 30,000 miles and include things such as safety checks, fluid flush services, computer diagnostics and other inspections that will identify any impending trouble.

Oil Change

The most frequent service that your vehicle will need is an oil change, approximately every 3,000 miles. Oil changes keep the engine properly lubricated by reducing the friction amongst its moving parts. Be sure to never skip oil changes, as doing so could lead to major engine trouble.

Tune Up

If your car just doesn't seem to be running right it could be time for a tune up. Tune up services often consist of easy, inexpensive tasks that help the car run better. This may include air filter and fuel filter replacement, installing new spark plugs, cleaning the fuel injectors, amongst other items.

Transmission Service

Your transmission requires maintenance as well. Transmission service includes replacing the transmission pan gasket and transmission filter if necessary, and conducting a transmission fluid flush.

Why does my car need regular auto maintenance?

Your car requires these services to be completed because general wear and tear that comes with covering many miles will eventually lead to parts wearing out. If parts fail your car will likely breakdown or become hazardous to drive! Spend a little money on maintenance and save a lot of money on repairs!

If you need to schedule routine auto maintenance in Jacksonville get in touch with the ASE Certified technicians at Express Oil Change and Service Center. Our full service auto maintenance shop can handle all of your car's needs. Call us today at (904) 474-3945 to make an appointment for auto service in Jacksonville or the surrounding area.

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Written By Brian Corey

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