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10 Minute Oil ChangesWe know your time is important, which is why we have designed the 10 minute oil change service! In most circumstances we will get you in and out of our shop in just 10 minutes, giving your car a much needed service. When your car is due for an oil change you can bring it to Express Oil Change & Service Center and you won't have to worry about being late for a business meeting or picking the kids up from school! Stop by our shop or give us a call receive the fastest oil change in Jacksonville!

Why does the oil need to be changed?

Engine oil's main function is to provide lubrication for the moving metal parts of the engine so that they don't rub together, causing excessive wear and tear. As oil ages it collects dirt, dust and other contaminants that have made their way into the engine, creating a sludge like substance that can make it more difficult for the engine to run, resulting in a loss of power and fuel efficiency.

When the oil is changed this sludge is drained from the engine, bringing all the dirt and grime with it. New oil is added and the oil filter is replaced, ensuring a proper flow of oil throughout the engine. Failing to change the oil can eventually lead to metal on metal friction which will quickly result in major engine damage. Be sure to check your vehicle owner's manual or speak with one of our technicians about what the proper mileage interval for changing your vehicle's oil is.

What type of oil does my car use?

There are many different types of oil available but these days it is popular to use a full synthetic blend in order to give the vehicle's engine the most protection possible. Synthetic oil has several key benefits, including its ability to help reduce engine operating temperature, keep gaskets soft so they last longer and most importantly it can prolong engine life by creating a liquid barrier between the moving parts of the engine. Metal on metal friction is a leading cause of engine failure, but with full synthetic oil your car has a better chance of running great for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Most vehicles require an oil change between every 3,000 to 10,000 miles but be sure to check your owner's manual for the correct mileage interval. When it is time for the all important oil change bring it to Express Oil Change & Service Center where we will get you back on the road in just 10 minutes! Make an appointment for an expert oil change in Jacksonville by calling (904) 474-3945 today!


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